News What is the natural material “Abaca (Manila hemp)”?


Abaca” used in Soma Studio is also called Manila hemp or Basho, a plant that looks very similar to the banana tree.

The fibers of the abaca are torn into thin strips and each strand is tied into a thread, which is used as the weft yarn for weaving on a traditional shuttle loom.

What is abaca, a natural material?

Abaca can be harvested three years after the seedlings are planted, and every three to eight months thereafter.
It is a sustainable plant that can be harvested over and over again because once it is planted, new shoots sprout from the sides.

It is also an excellent carbon dioxide absorber and soil restorer, and has attracted much attention in recent years.


Uses of Abaca

Abaca has long been used as a raw material for banknotes, and its high durability and water resistance have also led to its use in ship ropes.

Recently, abaca coffee filters have also been attracting attention for their ability to pass liquids smoothly, making coffee taste clearer and mellower.

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