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About Original brand "Soma" using natural fiber abaca

Soma' is an original brand that features Abaca Cloth (Abakafu), a product of the traditional craftsmanship of the Soma Workshop. It offers a range of items with simple yet unique designs that make the most of the fabric's characteristics.

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Products made with traditional technology

Abaca cloth products are woven using a traditional technique that has become the only one of its kind in Japan. It has a charm that only natural fibers can have. Abaca, a natural fiber, is an environmentally friendly plant because it is an excellent absorber of carbon dioxide.

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Product List

  • Clutch bag

    Clutch bag

  • Card case

    Card case

  • Earrings & Clip-on earrings

    Earrings & Clip-on earrings

  • Hair accessory

    Hair accessory

  • Asymmetry hat

    Asymmetry hat

  • Cap


  • Spectacle case

    Spectacle case

  • 2 Way Clutch Bag

    2 Way Clutch Bag

  • Japanese-style haori coat

    Japanese-style haori coat

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We also accept original production of abaca cloth, fusuma paper, wallpaper (surface), etc.
Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form if you have any request or consultation.